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Announcing technology partnership with Trust Stamp to deliver highly secure, AI-powered in-field authentication for seamless human-machine interaction.

Posted on Dec 28, 2023 in Blog
Sushant Pandey
Sushant Pandey
Founder and CEO, Scurid
TrustStamp and Scurid Technical Partnership
TrustStamp and Scurid Technical Partnership

On December 28, 2023, in Copenhagen, Denmark, Scurid and Trust Stamp announced a partnership. Trust Stamp, a leader in AI-driven identity services, has partnered with Scurid, an innovator in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. This collaboration focuses on enabling seamless human authentication with IoT devices in the field, while enhancing the level of security, reducing the complexity of authentication, and improving data trustworthiness. Scurid's users and developer-friendly platform connects IoT devices and applications, facilitating quick and secure implementation of autonomous IoT systems.

This strategic alliance leverages biometric technology to improve the interaction between humans and machines. It aims to strengthen IoT and edge devices, addressing security challenges and establishing seamless authentication. Trust Stamp's IT2 technology mitigates risks associated with biometric data storage and transmission. By converting facial biometrics into a tokenized format, it enhances security and performance.

Scurid and Trust Stamp's synergy promises to transform secure identification in various IoT applications like:

  1. fleet management,
  2. retail,
  3. smart construction & robotics,
  4. smart manufacturing, and
  5. smart cities.

Scurid's adaptable platform offers easy integration, replacing the need for multiple tools and reducing security breach risks.

What are we aiming to achieve through this technology partnership?

We have been working with variety of users in different industries where it is imperative to have a secure and reliable way to authenticate users in the field. This often requires users to log in with:

  1. keys, phone based OTPs
  2. passwords, and
  3. other means of not so secure credentials.

This is not only cumbersome but also prone to security breaches, stolen keys, and passwords. Especially in the field, where users are often not tech-savvy, requires physical presence, and are not always connected to the internet. Therefore, it is important to have a simple and secure way to authenticate users.


  1. Highly secure, in-field Authentication: Using facial biometric data to authenticate users combined with liveness checks, protect your valuable assets and IoT data from variety of attacks.
  2. Tokenized Biometric data: Making it impossible to reverse engineer the biometric data.
  3. Offline authentication capabilities: Allowing users to authenticate even when there is intermittent connectivity.
  4. Smart customization control: Pre-configure profiles to allow users to authenticate with different levels of access with different devices. All from within Scurid App.
  5. Low-code/No-Code based easy integration: Simplifying the complex process of integrating biometric authentication into your existing IoT systems.

What's next?

Find this interesting and want to learn more? Please write to us at and we will be happy to discuss in detail.

This feature will soon be released as part of the standard Scurid platform so do stay tuned for more updates and checkout new releases on our Download page.

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