A unified platform enabling digital identities and delivering reliable information for your IoT devices.

Go to market faster and safer with Scurid — with a deployment base of more than 1000 devices, Scurid is production-ready and is enabling our customers to create and manage device identities with our IAM platform.
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The core of Scurid, is a game-changing platform enabling trust in your IoT data – anywhere, anytime.

An integrated solution
Scurid offers an identity SDK & a full featured agent that makes a developer’s life easy when dealing with device interoperability, intermittent connection handling while maintaining authentication on the edge, allowing you to integrate various data sources such as sensors or even other software applications running on your devices.
Security by design
Implementation and maintenance of security and data integrity in IoT and connected devices is complex and costly. Development is often completed with shortcuts and suboptimal security solutions, often using older or less mature security techniques. This results in systems facing an ever-increasing risk of being attacked, compromised, and exploited. Scurid lowers the cost of secure and dynamic device identity implementation, where no other centralised authorities are required. Scurid’s decentralized device identity core also greatly minimizes and isolates any potential security breach, lowering the risk of large-scale damages and the cost of each incident.
Verifiability of data integrity
Scurid assures trust in device-generated data through data fingerprinting atop digital device identity. A fundamental requirement to build trust and data authenticity checks in your IoT data pipeline.
Decentralized device identity management (W3C standards)
A globally unique and distributed identity, owned and controlled by each device. Identities are generated on devices themselves through Scurid. Free your product from weak and fixed credentials.

Our platform covers device identity, data trust, and storage. Edge, on-premise, cloud — We’ve got you covered.

On the device side

Our product for IoT edge devices provides an SDK & a full and autonomous agent. Enabling seamless device integration, reliable connections, and trusted data. No passwords, just peace of mind.

Edge Agent

A lightweight client for edge devices with a CPU, RAM, and OS. This is an embeddable autonomous agent which offers automatic identity generation directly on the device. Scurid Agent offers a high-performing, multi-programming language API. It creates a digital identity wallet on the device, encrypts and stores its private keys on the device as well, and collects device context information.
Device Profiler
The Agents will build and maintain a unique profile for each device.
available in private beta


A C SDK library to enable some features from the Scurid Edge Agent on microcontrollers.

On the server side

An integrated & API first product to help you manage device identities, exchange data with 3rd party consumers, and service providers. With built in features like data metering, confidential compute – giving you full access and required privacy controls no matter the size of your IoT deployment.

Scurid App

A unified cross platform desktop native app to manage fleets of devices in your IIoT ecosystem. Minimizing programming effort to help bring easier access to data verification and trust.

Scurid Server

A server application designed to be deployed on-premise, private cloud or managed as a service by Scurid.
A built in component to help you exchange data with 3rd party consumers, and service providers. Allowing built in features like data metering, while providing features like confidential compute giving you full access and required privacy controls for whom to exchange data with.
available in private beta
Data Storage
Scurid brings built in support for CockroachDB, a globally distributed, highly available RDBMS. We give you the freedom to bring your own CockroachDB, or spin up a dedicated database from within Scurid Platform in seconds. Helps you geo-locate your IIoT and related data anywhere

Unlock affordable, flexible, and trusted IoT solutions with Scurid – your key to trusted and scalable automation.

Cost Effective
Our users save the effort of 2-3 developers and administrators that need to deal with device onboarding. Countless hours are saved in data auditing, especially for projects in highly regulated industries.
Avoid Vendor lock-in
Customers, when adopting new technology like IoT/IIoT, want to remain agile and want to have capabilities to use best in class features from different vendors in the market. Scurid allows integrating different IoT/IIoT vendors in the market.
Trusted Data Governance
From the IIoT Edge devices to the cloud, every part in Scurid software stack is built ground up to support data verification and to perform data authenticity checks, even when exchanging data with 3rd party data consumers.
Standardization and scalability
Scurid’s predictable API endpoints are fundamental for system integrators and their software developers. You can start with just a few devices, and scale to thousands of them.
Russ Islam, CTO at Monochrome

Using Scurid was a no-brainer for us. Easy setup, a wide variety of supported platforms, offline features, and a very responsive team – the perfect platform for our needs.

There were a variety of other platforms and services that provided marginal features scattered here and there, all of which required significant setup. AWS IoT Core was our main alternative, but it lacked many features and would tie us to AWS and to the cloud in general.

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EARTHBRAIN selects Scurid to collect and build trust in exchanging CO2 emission data with external parties.

The collaboration between EARTHBRAIN and Scurid represents a significant step forward in optimizing the construction and production process with digital technology. Collecting, trusting, and exchanging Co2 emission data with external parties enables EARTHBRAIN to drive positive change in the industry, enhancing productivity, safety, and environmental adaptability.

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An established platform for your IoT devices and data. Ready for production.

With Scurid’s easy-to-use API-based platform for hardware, sensors, and applications we want to enable the adoption of secure autonomous systems. Scurid is already trusted in production, helping our users achieve a faster and safer go-to-market.

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