A C SDK library, bringing some of the Scurid Edge Agent features for Microcontrollers. Generate and register device identities seamlessly, leveraging very light weight and built in support for Nanopb.

Empower Every Device

Elevate your microcontrollers with MicroScurid-C. Seamlessly integrate digital identity and data trust features of the Scurid Edge Agent, transforming basic devices into intelligent, connected assets with almost any IoT or analytics platform.

Compact Powerhouse

Designed for minimal footprint, it brings powerful features like dynamic digital identity, encryption & data transfer features to tiny MCUs without compromising on space.

Streamlined Communication, Simplified Life

Harness the power of standard proto buffers and the Nanopb library for fluid data exchange. Manage, monitor, and marvel at the simplicity of device identity management through the Scurid App.

Easy Setup

Create and onboard

A "zero touch" digital identity generation and device onboarding, avoiding fixed credentials like passwords or API keys.

Data Trust

Trust and verify anytime

A built-in data tamper evident mechanisms that allows the edge device identity to offer trust in the data, from source (edge) to anywhere in your system, including external partners.

Data Compliance

Data Compliance

Keep your data close

You can move your data from the edge to anywhere in the world with built in support for distributed data storage (currently via CockroachDB). We offer sub-3 second data access with built-in GDPR compliance.

Context Aware Identities

One device, multiple identities

For clients supporting Hardware as a Service business models with multiple users, Scurid enables to have multiple identities on the same hardware, with no need to reuse the same identities across multiple users. The same context-aware identities allow you to manage and transfer different configurations bound to a specific identity, even on the same device.

Time to secure your IoT devices

With Scurid’s easy-to-use API-based platform for hardware, sensors, and applications we want to enable the adoption of secure autonomous systems. Scurid is already trusted in production, helping our users a faster and safer go-to-market.

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