Server built to scale with your loT/loT Product vision. Handles communication from Scurid Edge Agent, data storage, data replication, interaction with all Scurid Services like blockchain, APIs etc. It is designed to run on-premise or anywhere in the cloud, in containerised environments like Kubernetes, Docker. Also offered as a Managed Service from Scurid.

Deploy Anywhere, Your Way

Choose your deployment terrain - on-premise, private cloud, or our managed service. Embrace the future with seamless Kubernetes integration.

Trusted Data Exchange

Step into a new era of trusted interactions between edge devices and platforms, ensuring every piece of data speaks the truth.


Transition effortlessly from concept to reality using W3C-compliant digital identities. Elevate your IoT journey, ensuring every step is rooted in global trust and unparalleled value.

Distributed Server

Scalable and highly available

Leveraging the RAFT consensus algorithm, Scurid Server guarantees unparalleled availability and data integrity for IoT systems. This ensures that businesses experience consistent reliability and trust in their distributed networks. As Scurid Server scales with your enterprise's growth, it remains adaptable across various deployment scenarios.

Distributed Data Storage

Growing from local to global? We’re with you!

Scurid offers production ready globally distributed data store for all your data. Whether deploying locally in your region or scaling your loT/loT globally - we can help you alleviate your effort to build such a distributed system at click of a button & couple of APIs.

Go from local to global. We’re with you!

Go from local to global. We’re with you!

We offer built-in integration with CockroachDB, one of the most advanced distributed data storage systems. Start small, and when you are ready, deploy a globally distributed data store with just a few clicks

Rotating globe with multiple locations

Storing data in multiple locations

We understand that IoT is global. When you collect your valuable data, we ensure that you can transfer it to its consumer as quickly as possible, anywhere in the world. Check out our blogs to learn more about how we do this.


Built-in support for Prometheus

Geo-locating identities

Map your hardware geographically

Scurid Edge agents will work with server where allowed by the user in their global deployment of hardware


Securely exchange data with 3rd party

At Scurid, we are building a platform that simplifies the adoption of secure digital identity and trusted data exchange between the edge device, the IoT platform, and analytical platforms. Our DatastreamX feature is designed for users collecting data through their IoT hardware, allowing their devices to securely exchange data with their customers, partners, or other third parties such as Government agencies.

Trusted Data Exchange and Authenticity with 3rd Party
Flexible Data Orchestration and Customization
Monetize IoT data pipeline

Time to secure your IoT devices

With Scurid’s easy-to-use API-based platform for hardware, sensors, and applications we want to enable the adoption of secure autonomous systems. Scurid is already trusted in production, helping our users a faster and safer go-to-market.

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