Edge Agent

A compact, embeddable client offering W3C-based unique DID identity, versatile API support, and a self-learning device profiler. Accelerate your market entry while ensuring robust digital identity and data trustworthiness.

Support for wide variety IoT devices

Diverse by design. Scurid embraces the vast IoT landscape, ensuring compatibility and optimized performance across a broad spectrum of devices. Innovate with trust.

Light weight and designed to run on your IoT devices

Optimized elegance. Scurid's design prioritizes security and efficiency, ensuring it runs smoothly on your IoT devices without compromising performance. Power-packed, yet feather-light

Designed to be controlled by you and yet be autonomous

Masterful Autonomy. With Scurid, you hold the reins, dictating the level of control you desire. Yet, when left to its own devices, it operates with a precision and independence that's truly next-gen.

Digital Identities

Create digital identities for your devices on the edge

Agent supports two types of identity, both can be created < 20ms on an avg.. One identity is called Agent Identity, this is automatically created when agent is installed the first time. Second type of identity is device identity - to be used for AuthN & AuthZ in your applications.


Prevent unwanted access to your devices

Digital identity is created and stored on-device, eliminating risks from social engineering and weak credentials by using a distributed identity framework. Using industry standard like ECDSA, Secp256k1, etc. the Agent seamlessly handles encryption, to prevent unwanted access to the private keys created on the device. We are working to integrate into variety of hardware that support secret data storage in TPMs.

Data Trust

Secure the data from your hardware

The agent allows users to stream raw device data to servers and customize data structures for transmission. Users can also direct this data to their own platforms.

Data Collection

Transfer the data using Scurid Edge Agent accelerating loT/loT project delivery.

Data Verification

The Agent or the Device identity's private key can be used to fingerprint a variety of data generated by the device. The fingerprinting enables you to verify the data's trustworthiness even weeks, months, or years after the collection.

File & Folder Transfer

The Agent is capable of downloading staged files & integration configurations prepared for specific agents and related identities. Perfect for use cases where hardware is shared among various users. This feature can easily allow you to move other secret data like API Keys, passwords or certificates relating to your own IoT or IoT related systems using agents.

Context Aware Identities

One device, multiple identities

For clients supporting Hardware as a Service business models with multiple users, Scurid enables to have multiple identities on the same hardware, with no need to reuse the same identities across multiple users. The same context-aware identities allow you to manage and transfer different configurations bound to a specific identity, even on the same device.

Easy Onboarding

Automate device onboardings

Currently agent can automate your device onboarding with Hawkbit, PTC's ThingWorx & Azure Device Provisioning (coming soon.). Device onboarding doesn’t require human interaction, and we offer capabilities to auto-approve an identity when coming from trusted Agents, further simplifying the individual identity workflow.


Built for developers

Scurid is founded by developers, IoT architects who’ve faced the challenges you’re tackling. We’ve engineered Scurid to eliminate the complexities of IIoT device identity and data management, so you can focus on innovation.

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Device Profiler

Monitor abnormal device behaviour

The Agents will build and maintain a unique profile for each device. Unlike several other solutions in the market, Scurid Edge Agent will learn each device's behavior with minimum bias, directly on the device, allowing it to monitor abnormal device behavior.

Addresses many attack vectors seen in loT/lloT world
Scurid Edge Agent learns from data locally avoiding transfer of customer's data over the network
Low resource usage
Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Increase Device Identity Interoperability

This means Scurid does not want to lock users in rather we are committed to providing digital identity for devices that can allow users to have their device connect & authenticate and work with variety of IoT platforms

Time to secure your IoT devices

With Scurid’s easy-to-use API-based platform for hardware, sensors, and applications we want to enable the adoption of secure autonomous systems. Scurid is already trusted in production, helping our users a faster and safer go-to-market.

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