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Career Launch - How I am learning and combining my research into a globally scalable product.

Posted on Sep 23, 2023 in Company and Culture
Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh
R&D Engineer, Scurid
Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh

The Backstory

I began my first job and an enriching journey with Scurid Inc. The path-breaking initiatives at Scurid align well with my interests, notably in the convergence of Blockchain with IoT and the advancement of IoT device safety and data trust across autonomous devices, cloud platforms and data consumers.

Learning is good, but doing is better

During my academic pursuits, I had the chance to delve into and contribute modestly to Blockchain and IoT research. I was involved in a project titled "Managing Smart Home Appliances with Proof of Authority and Blockchain," which garnered some attention at i4cs Wolfsburg, Germany. I also co-authored a paper focused on the trust dynamics in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) titled "Blockchain-based Adaptive Trust Management in Internet of Vehicles Using Smart Contract" for the IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Another collaborated paper I contributed to, published in the Journal of Network and Computer Applications by Elsevier, discussed the potential applications of blockchain technology in the realm of robotics.

Looking Ahead at Scurid

Now, at Scurid, I'm enthusiastic about combining my academic learnings with real-world applications, diving into areas like distributed systems, IoT, edge computing, and cloud computing. While I bring with me a foundation of research, I'm also eagerly looking forward to the vast learning experiences that lie ahead. The challenges and opportunities at Scurid beckon, and I'm here to embrace them all.

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